An appropriate domain name for your website is just as important as your company name. We will help to educate our customers on the benefits of an effective domain name and offer tips on how to chose one.

After a name has been chosen, we will purchase the rights to that name and publish your site under that alias.

Once your domain name is registered, it cannot be altered or deleted....So choose your name carefully.

We have teamed up with Wild West Domains and can offer .COM, .NET, .CA for as low as $12.00 a year. We also offer virtual web hosting at amazing prices.

Please call or email us for details and pricing.
Tips for chosing a domain name:
  • Select a name that accurately reflects the name or purpose of your business.

  • Purposely misspelling a name may sound witty at first, but it may make it difficult for people to find you.

  • A .COM extension is the most common and what people tend to type.

  • Get the opinions of friends, customers and employees to ensure that your name makes sense to your audience.  Is it hard to spell?  Is it hard to type?  Does the name represent your business?

  • Once you chose a name, purchase it immediately.  They are a hot commodity and your hesitation may be someone else's gain.
The simpler the better...The shorter the better.
Make it marketable and memorable!
Domain name guidelines:

  • Only letters, numbers and hypens ("-") are allowed
  • Cannot use spaces or symbols
  • Cannot begin or end with a hypen
  • They are not case sensitive
  • Maximum length is 65 characters
    .COM was the first publically know domain name extension
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