Why Convert:
  • Quality - Videotapes are timebombs.  They use imprecise analog storage.  Once bright and vibrant images become faded and greyed.  Quality is lost and can never be restored.  Some videos can become completely unviewable. Storage on DVD will preserve quality (although can not restore it once lost).  It uses digital technology so the information transferred is the same as the information recorded, with no quality loss.  The result is a crisp, clear image without the fuzziness of your videotape.

  • Longevity - The estimated lifespan of VHS tapes is approximately 10-15 years.  The amount of deterioration depends on storage conditions and playback frequency.  The only true permanent storage solution is DVD.  It's life expectancy is 100+ years, with no deterioration in quality no matter how many times it is viewed.

  • Efficiency - The viewer is in the driver's seat when it comes to DVD's.  Customized menus and chapters allow you to locate special scenes with ease.  Forget forwarding and rewinding forever.
Since 1999, DVD players have outsold VHS players, and will eventually replace the VHS format.

In 2003, 6 years after they hit the market, there were over 250 million DVD devices worldwide.  This is more than half the number of VCR's.
DVD offers superior visual quality, better than CD sound, and a lifespan of 100 years or more.
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